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Hatsan BT65RB Carnivore .30cal / 7.62mm, PCP Air Rifle

  • BT65RB Carnivore .30, one of the most powerful Hatsan PCP rifles in the BT65 series in 7.62 mm caliber will allow you to discover the pleasure of shooting an air rifle. Power, range, precision have another dimension. RB (Rear Bolt) reloading lever at the
  • Hatsan BT65RB Carnivore .30cal / 7.62mm, PCP Air Rifle
  • Hatsan BT65RB Carnivore .30cal / 7.62mm, PCP Air Rifle
  • Hatsan BT65RB Carnivore .30cal / 7.62mm, PCP Air Rifle
  • Hatsan BT65RB Carnivore .30cal / 7.62mm, PCP Air Rifle
  • Hatsan BT65RB Carnivore .30cal / 7.62mm, PCP Air Rifle
  • Hatsan BT65RB Carnivore .30cal / 7.62mm, PCP Air Rifle
  • Hatsan BT65RB Carnivore .30cal / 7.62mm, PCP Air Rifle
Producer: Hatsan Arms
Product code: BT65RB CARNIVORE .30
Warranty: Sharg Warranty
7.62 mm
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751,29 €
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BT65RB Carnivore .30 a powerful, technologically advanced air rifle PCP companies Hatsan Arms in the powerful caliber 7.62mm (.30). The rifle in one of most powerful caliber will allow you to rediscover the pleasure of air rifle shooting. Power, range and precision have another dimension.

RB - (Rear Bolt), a model with a reloading lever located with the rear of the lock chamber.

Barrel - precision threaded with length 23" (585 mm) of the company Hatsan Arms. Terminated with male thread ½" UNF allowing the attachment of a sound attenuator, toss compensator or separator. A constriction at the mouth of the barrel called a forehead improves focus. The workmanship of the barrel is one of the most important parts of any weapon/wind gun. Affects the accuracy of the rifle, especially when shooting at long distances.

Power supply - replaceable compressed air tank with a capacity of 255 cc. When fully charged, it allows you to cast 19 effective shots (data for versions FAC*). Built-in pressure gauge allows you to control the pressure present in the tank, and thus the degree of its charge. A rotating ring protects the charging inlet from damage. After the compressed air is emptied, the empty cartridge can be replaced with a new filled one (optional). This provides an excellent solution for those not intending to take the pCP pumps or cylinders range. 130 bar minimum working pressure in the cartridge necessary for proper operation of the windcheater Carnivore.


Important! The air injected (rolled) into the wind gun should be dried, which prevents corrosion of the cartridge. Using the original pump HATSAN HAND PUMP equipped with particle filter (which retains moisture from the air drawn in from outside) and an additional dehumidifier cartridge (which retains residual moisture) prolongs the life (tightness) of the cartridges.

Settlement - made of durable damage-resistant polymer. Soft rubber inserts on the pistol grip and center of the bed provide a secure grip. Contoured cheek pad on the flask Monte Carlo makes it easier to lay down for a shot as well as aiming. Pthe flask, adapted for right- and left-handed people, is finished with a rubber foot. Foot adjustment vertically (up/down) and horizontally (for length) and for tank height. Thanks to the adjustability, the process of configuring the air rifle according to your preferences as well as your shooting style is quick and uncomplicated.

Mounting rail - double 11 mm / 22 mm, allows mounting of any optical sight. Compliant with MIL-STD 1913 standard (referred to as picatinny or Weaver). Additional rail picatinny placed on the grip of the rifle.

Magazines - interchangeable, rotary in 7.62 mm cal capacity 7 slugs diabolo type. Reloading is done with a two-barrel lever located on the right side of the rifle. It causes the "cock" to be pulled, the magazine to be rotated and new shot to be inserted into the barrel. Included two aluminum magazines.

Oxide - lock chamber oxidized on black, other elements covered with oxidation blue finish.


Accessory equipment - metal spinning top for attaching a gun belt (belt included) or suspension. Cap / adapter (air cylinder discharging cap) for draining the pressure from the cartridge. Tip Quick-Fill allowing the cartridge to be quickly filled with air using the hatsan Hand Pump, technical cylinder or dive (300 bar).


Windmill BT65RB CARNIVORE .35 inch is equipped with a number of solutions to improve comfort and safety of use:

  • Quattro Trigger, 2-stage fully adjustable trigger mechanism. Adjusting the length of the of the first path (barren) and second path trigger tongue (Trigger Load). Adjustment hardness (sensitivity / resistance) trigger language (Trigger Pull). Allows the trigger characteristics to be individualized to the user's requirements in order to provide as
  • TruGlo - fiber-optic targeting instruments with contrasting fiberglass colors allow precise shooting even in low light conditions. Red bowtie, green pincer with vertical and horizontal adjustment.
  • Anti-Double-Pellet Feed, a mechanism to prevent more than one shotgun shell from being loaded into the barrel.
  • Anti-Knock System®, patented system to prevent loss of compressed air in the event of a mechanical impact with a windbreaker.
  • Automatic fuse, protecting against uncontrolled firing.

For each wind gun not exceeding 17J, the manufacturer includes a unique Energy Limit Certificate 17 J. The certificate is a document stating the compliance of the product features, and thus the legality of the windcheater with Polish regulations. Legally imported windcheaters for the Polish market have an engraved website address www.sharg.en exclusive distributor of Sharg.

General technical parameters:
Model: BT65 RB Big Bore Carnivore .30
Type: PCP air rifle
Initial energy: up to 17 J
Overall length: 1080.0 mm / 42.5"
Barrel length: 585.0 mm / 23.0"
Weight: 4.165 kg / 9.18 lbs
Cartridge capacity: 255cc
Manufacturer: Hatsan Arms, Turkey

Detailed technical data for FAC (*): 7.62 mm caliber / .30
Maximum discharge speed (**): 220 m/s / 730 fps
Energy: 128 J / 95 ft. lbs
Magazine capacity: 7 pcs.
Number of shots: 55
Number of effective shots: 19

  * The above maximum values, given by the manufacturer, apply to exclusively airguns no energy limit.
** The discharge velocity can vary by as much as 20% depending on the weight and shape of the sharps, temperature and other environmental factors.

Development of the company Sharg®

Tech specs:
Technical data
Rodzaj napędu:
Energia początkowa:
do 17 J
Rodzaj śrutu:
Tryb strzelania:
Lufa gwintowana:
Przyrządy celownicze
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