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Apolo Slug 60 .30/7.62mm AirGun Pellets, 100 psc 3.90g/60.0gr (19305)

  • Slug 60 one of the best cal 7.62 mm airgun pellets. Designed for powerful air rifles for accurate shooting at long distances up to 200 m. Hollow point design with large meplat for maximum expansion, energy transfer after hitting the target. 100-pack.
  • Apolo Slug 60 .30/7.62mm AirGun Pellets, 100 psc 3.90g/60.0gr (19305)
  • Apolo Slug 60 .30/7.62mm AirGun Pellets, 100 psc 3.90g/60.0gr (19305)
  • Apolo Slug 60 .30/7.62mm AirGun Pellets, 100 psc 3.90g/60.0gr (19305)
Producer: Apolo
Product code: E19305
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7,74 €
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Slug 60 high quality homogeneous pellets in 7.62mm caliber with Hollow Point to increase the toppling/tearing effect. Perfectly finish, thanks to the manufacturing process by embossing. Extremely favorable Ballistic Coefficient (BC): 0.103 provides a flat flight path and excellent energy retention.

This model of pellet differs significantly from conventional pellets due to its shape. It has been designed for the most powerful rifles that are capable of shooting accurately at distances of 50, 100 or even 200m. It has a flat trajectory and excellent energy retention to achieve the ideal expansion effect. It has the ability to adapt to different barrel profiles and power levels.

Slug - this is one of the best pellets, designed to bring down targets and for hunting at long distances. The most important feature is the hollow point design with a large meplat combined with a soft lead. It provides maximum expansion and energy transfer after hitting the target (best stopping power factor) for quick and humane elimination of pests. Made of low lead alloy leaves minimal residue in the barrel.

Technical data:
Product number: E19305
Name: Slug 60 .30 cal, 100 ct

Caliber: 7.62 mm / .30
Weight: 3.90 g / 60.0 gr
BC: 0.103
Package: 100 pcs

Shape: Hollow
Chalice (skirt): Smooth
Material: lead

Brand: Apolo
Manufacturer: Monfa S.A. Fabrica Balines Apolo
Country of origin: Argentina

Developed by: Sharg®

Tech specs:
Dane podstawowe
7.62 mm
Dane dodatkowe
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